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Laurel Renewable Partners, LLC

Specializing in Utility-Scale Wind Energy Projects


Building the future in wind generation...



Laurel Renewable Partners, LLC is a privately held company formed in February 2013.  We are a renewable energy developer focused primarily on creating high quality wind energy projects in the mid-Atlantic region - predominantly in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Our goal is to help transform wind as a natural resource into a valuable, long term asset to both the community and the world.


Our relationship with landowners - which we often refer to as our partners - is of the utmost importance to us. We consider the land, its value, and its connection to the environment when working with them. Our team develops the project with the landowners and takes their concerns into account. Although project plans may change throughout the development process, we strive to keep them in the loop, often through individual communications and by holding landowner meetings.


As many rural areas in America are struggling, we are committed to building projects that can provide economic opportunities and benefits that are much needed.  Our projects are often among the biggest taxpayers in the counties where they are located.  Each project provides a substantial number of construction jobs, a smaller number of long-term operations and maintenance jobs, and significant rent payments to landowners.  We also contribute to the communities through our charitable foundation, and the production of clean, renewable energy.

Our Vision
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